Med Makhlouf

Marin, B., Legros, D. & Makhlouf, M., (2005a). Cultural and linguistic context and cognitive didactic of youth literature. Congress of the International Association for the Improvement of Mother Tongue Education : La littérature de jeunesse dans le contexte familial et scolaire : Apprentissage et enseignement des langues maternelles. Université Toulouse- Le Mirail - ALBI 11-13 Mai 2005.

Article en fichier DOC Contextes, langage et cognition


Recent studies on learning and text comprehension have shown that in the environment of diglottic children the effects of the spoken word and of the mother tongue has led to the improvement of the skills of language learning in schools (Hoareau & Legros, 2005), and the diversity of the methods of text processing according to their cultural origin.
A cultural approach of teaching must consider the displacement of the fields of the training and construction of knowledge of an ethno-centred model towards a multicultural model (Legros, Maître de Pembroke, & Makhlouf, 2003), based on the clarification of the symbolic systems relations which the languages and the cultures maintain between them.
The aim of this study is to show how, from the point of view of didactic cognition, and through the comparison of the myths and legends resulting from languages of different cultures, the everlasting qualities of these myths and the cultural invariants induced representations of the world and they activate pre-built knowledge. The exposure of the pupils to a multi-cultural universe enables them to adapt and compound their modes of semantic treatment of information, to enrich their comprehension by the multi-reference and to make the borders of the inter-text move back.


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